Survival: Tales of Hope and Villainy From a Time of Plague

An original Mercia Blakewood story in instalments, free to read at this time.

Summer, 1665. Fresh from her transatlantic adventures, Mercia Blakewood has been restored to her Oxfordshire home, recovering from her ordeals with the help of good friend Nicholas Wildmoor. But the dangers she has faced are about to be eclipsed by a deadlier foe. When a peddler arrives at Halescott Manor bearing news of London’s worsening plague, Nicholas rushes to his family in the city while Mercia determines she too must help. As the summer goes by, she and Nicholas come face to face with the ordinary – and not-so-ordinary – people of England, whose personal stories of hope and villainy ignite a courage that will always thrive amidst even the toughest of days.

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Individual Instalments:

SURVIVAL Instalment One (The Old Woman’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Two (The Musician’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Three (The Watchman’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Four (The Quack’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Five (The Seamstress’ Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Six (The Searcher’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Seven (The Thief’s Tale)

SURVIVAL Instalment Eight (The Adventurer’s Tale)