About David

Mercia’s the interesting one, but if you’d like to know a little about me…

I’m British by birth. I was born in the West Midlands (the Black Country, just west of Birmingham) and lived there for nineteen years. I went to the same school in Birmingham as JRR Tolkien – if a few decades later. I’ve always loved his imagination. I still remember the day I first picked up a copy of The Hobbit in my junior school book room. That cover! The trees, the mountains, the dragon… I think you could say it helped inspire me to write.

When I grew up (partly) I journeyed north to read Spanish and Russian at the University of Manchester, topped off by a year at the Students Union. Swinging the other way I headed south to London, where I worked for a decade in government. But I always wanted to write – ever since those days in school – and when I left London to move to New York, I finally had the chance. And so I created Mercia Blakewood and wrote her first adventure Birthright.

After three years discovering the USĀ on a number of road-trips, I returned to Britain in spring 2016, in time for Birthright‘s release in July.