A Gripping New Historical Crime Series

Birthright is a vividly rendered historical novel. Set between the shifting political landscape of Restoration England and the rapidly expanding New World, Hingley offers an unflinching exploration of love and betrayal.”

– Dr. Amanda Foreman, Chair of the 2016 Man Booker Prize and presenter of the BBC / Netflix series The Ascent of Woman


David Hingley is an exciting new historical crime writer whose debut novel Birthright was released in July 2016. The first in a fast-paced series relating the tale of Mercia Blakewood as she strives to find justice for herself and those around her, Birthright features an exceptional blend of fictional and real-life characters, its lively story woven around the compelling history of the time. Beginning in Restoration London, the drama soon moves to the frontiers of America, as Mercia finds that life in the New World is as dangerous as that in the Old.

Birthright is available as a paperback, hardback and ebook, while a free sample can be viewed through the link above. The second novel in the series, Puritan, has just been released (January 2017), and is currently available as a hardback and an ebook.

Birthright and Puritan are published by Allison and Busby.